FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

For 8-hour MLO CE & 20-hour MLO online courses offered by Cape School

* How to log in to study after registration

   1. Go to www.capeschool.com (We're affiliated with Cape School).

   2. Click "LOG IN" in the upper hand corner of the home page.

   3. Login to study by using the password you created for registration.

* When can we start the online course?

    You can begin to study after completing the registration online.

* Do I have to report my online course completion to Nationwide Licensing System myself?

    No, the Cape School will report your completion within a week of your successful completion. Your actual online completion date is the date reported to Nationwide Licensing System. You can login to study at any time, and as many times as you want.

When can we get textbooks?

  No textbooks can or should be bought online.

* What about the online national (federal) and state exams preparation?

  The online Test Taker (400 national questions) & state preparation online (50 state questions) are especially designed for practicing the tests. Answers are provided.

** What about the LICENSE EXAM?

  1. There is a final exam after each course, which you must pass to receive a completion certificate.

    2. After you have completed the courses here, you must register for the exam:

  Mortgage Courses: Nationwide Licensing System Resource Center- Testing (Click link) and see Step 3 (Be sure to complete Step 2 and pay for your test through the Nationwide Licensing System Resource Center before attempting to schedule a test)

  Real Estate Courses: DRE (CA Department of Real Estate) - Examinees (Click link) and select Salesperson or Broker

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